What Do We Do?

The Alberta Association of Architects is a self-governing professional association charged under the Architects Act with the registration of Architects and the licensing of Licensed Interior Designers. The Association regulates the practices of Architecture and Licensed Interior Design in the province of Alberta for the protection of the public and the administration of the professions.

The Association exists for the benefit of both the public and its registered members.

“Architect” and "Licensed Interior Designer" are restricted titles under the Architects Act, meaning only registered or licensed members of the Association, with proper training, practical experience and certification may use the title Architect or Licensed Interior Designer or any of their variations.

This means when an individual, institution or organization hires an AAA-registered professional, they can be assured of a level of skill and acumen, consistency in quality of work, adherence to life safety standards, and competence and vigilance throughout a project.

Should a client feel a member has not lived up to the high standards of the Association (and the Act, Regulations and Code of Ethics under which its members practice), the association maintains a discipline system, called the Complaint Review Process.

The AAA provides its membership with a professional association of peers that they can learn, grow, and liaise with. It also acts as the voice of the professions, representing the interests of the professions and providing consulting expertise with government and other industries in such areas as construction safety, the environment and urban renewal.

The Association’s Professional Development Program offers members educational opportunities, both mandatory and self-directed, that ensure their training remains at the forefront of the industry.

The Association produces and/or distributes documents designed to assist both members and the public, including a Recommended Conditions of Engagement and Schedule of Professional Fees, which discusses the services offered by Architects, and how Architects' fees are determined. The document is designed to be used in conjunction with the Canadian Standard Form of Agreement Between Client and Architect.

A Note About “Professionals”
The AAA is a Professional Association. Professionals are highly trained individuals who normally have completed a university degree, followed by years of supervised practical training and extensive entrance examinations. Professionals provide specialized services to members of the public. They provide their clients with the benefit of their specialized training and are accountable to their clients for providing competent services.

Professions are created by provincial legislation only in specialized areas where the need to protect the public is great and outweighs the normal need for the forces of a free market economy to operate in an unrestricted manner. Professions operate in areas where it would be difficult or impossible for individual members of the public to assess and be assured of appropriately qualified people. Further, in these areas, the reliance on the professional service offered is major and frequently affects other people besides the client.

In today's complicated construction industry, it would be extremely difficult for the average individual to assess, without the assistance of a professional association, whether or not a given individual had the appropriate combination of education and experience to plan, design and supervise a major construction project. In addition, the safety and the aesthetics of a building affect not only the owner, but potentially everyone who enters or passes by. The practices of Architecture and Licensed Interior Design is regulated to ensure that our built environment is safe for the public.