Hours & Contact Information 

Office Hours
The office of the Alberta Association of Architects (Duggan House) is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm (MST).


President (2018 - 2019): Coben Christiansen, Architect, AAA
Email: aaacouncil@aaa.ab.ca

Executive Office
Executive Director: Barbara Bruce
Executive Assistant: Sheila Nitti
Email: execdir@aaa.ab.ca
Ext: 202 

Finance and Administration
Manager, Finance & Administration: Helen Wong
Ext: 212
Office Assistant: Penny Stiles 
Email: info@aaa.ab.ca
Ext: 234
Accounting Assistant: Karen Seto-Wagg 
Email: accounting@aaa.ab.ca
Ext: 222 

Communications & Events
Communications Sr. Manager: Jenine Cerny
Communication & Graphics Coordinator: Heather Pack
Communications Assistant: Derek Schutz
Email: events@aaa.ab.ca
Ext: 228

Policy, Compliance & Strategic Initiatives
Policy & Compliance Officer: Nishika Kalupahana
Ext: 254

Registration Administrator: Rashida Dhariwalla
Email: registration@aaa.ab.ca
Ext: 256

Intern Architect/Intern Interior Designer Inquiries
Intern Administrator: Yasmin Tejpar
Email: intern@aaa.ab.ca
Ext: 252

Practice Inquiries
Practice Advisor: Barry Johns, Architect, AAA
Email: practiceadvisor@aaa.ab.ca
Ext: 217

Professional Development
Professional Development Officer: Kathy Saunderson
Email: education@aaa.ab.ca
Ext: 218

For all other inquiries, please email info@aaa.ab.ca.